Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cool Site - Products That Promote Your Business

While searching for a place to create some new customized business cards for our online boutique, a friend referred us to It's a cool site with affordable products for promoting your business. PLUS: they offer freebies (you only have to pay the shipping costs, that's it.)

To our surprise, they offer 250 full-color business cards with 42 designs to choose from - FREE! For freebies, we must admit that they are quite professional looking. Take a look. If you are not particularly interested in any of the free designs, there is always the option of uploading your own design or choosing from hundreds of other Premium designs for only $3.99.

More FREE PRODUCTS offered at VistaPrint:

* Free Sticky Notes
* Free Pens
* Free Logo Design
* Free Car Door Magnets
* Free Checks
* Free Rubber Stamps
* Free Window Decals
* Free Caricature Design
* Free Product Samples

For all other products and services, we see that they have a limited Time Offer on their website that says, "Order Today and Save 25% Off Site-Wide".

Be sure to bookmark this site if you are looking for a variety of fun ways to promote your business.:-)


Tony333 said...
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Barbara said...

great site! i really enjoy reading your entries..

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