Monday, March 30, 2009

Featured Diva Interview ~ with Shi from Shi Jewels

Introducing our newest Featured Diva...

Name: Shi.
Etsy Shop: Shi Jewels ~ Jewelry for the Goddess in You

Tell us a little about yourself:

I'm a 37 year old mother of twin teenage boys who are seniors in high school. I'm often a lap to 2 Great Danes and 3 cats. I started making jewelry after two things happened to me, an injury from a car accident, and one of my favorite bracelets broke. I work part time at a local credit union and at night I live my dream by creating jewelry.

Give us a description of your business and the items that you offer:

I make jewelry using precious metals and natural stones. My hope is that my jewelry brings out the ever present beauty of the Goddess found within each of us. Representing femininity, beauty and the divine of being a Woman. Nature has provided us with such a wonderful gift and creating these pieces is just my way of showing my appreciation for them.

What are your bestsellers? Your specialty? Most popular items?

Though I don't state it in my store, most of my pieces are OOAK, so I don't often make duplicates. That being said, I don't necessarily have a "bestseller" so to speak, but the items that sell the most are earrings and necklaces. My specialty is creating pieces for a specific purpose using the metaphysical properties of the stones that I work with.

Are your items targeted toward a specific age group?

I'd like to think that all ages can wear my jewelry, but I understand that everyone's tastes are different so that's why I offer the ability to create custom pieces as well. I also offer a "Petite Line" for those of us who love to adorn our ears but don't necessarily want a lot of length or weight. I've just recently sold my last piece so that'll be my next project.

What inspired you to start your own indie business?

After a car accident that left me with a lower back injury and an extreme cut in hours at work, I needed something to try and supplement my loss of income. I'm not even sure how I found Etsy, I think I was just browsing the internet and found it. It has been the best thing that's ever happened to me.

As an independent business woman, what keeps you motivated?

You mean aside from the stockpile of gemstones that keep spilling over my workspace? *smiles* I love what I do, I love the beauty of a finished piece, and the smile or the appreciation of the person who's just received it in the mail. I'm a woman who loves shiny baubles, it's not hard to stay motivated with so many pretty things surrounding me.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement thus far?

Personally, my greatest achievement has been raising two accomplished and very caring young men. Business wise I'd have to say my greatest achievement has been reaching 100 sales right before my 1 year Etsy Anniversary. I can't even tell you how happy I was...I know as soon as I saw it I did a happy dance!

What has been your biggest challenge as a business woman?

I would say organizing my time. Between my day job, family and my jewelry business I've really had to sit down and figure out what will work for me. With my back I can't do things for long periods of time so I have to be mindful of what takes priority. It wasn't easy at first, but I think I finally have a system down that works not only for me, but my family as well.

What do you believe makes a business successful?

I'd say the most important thing that you can do is customer service. I can't emphasize this enough! How you treat your customers can definitely make or break you. If you as a seller and business owner are pleasant to deal with and go above and beyond to make sure your customers are happy, they will Remember, Return and Refer...I like to call this the 3 R's (these are the three things that I always keep in mind). Remember that they are contributing to the success of your business so be thankful, be courteous, be polite and make sure that they know how appreciative you are that they chose "You" to purchase from.

Do you have any specific goals/plans for the future?

Well I've just started working with my torch and trying my hand at soldering, so hopefully I'll have some fun new pieces to list soon. I'm also working on getting an actual studio in my house, this will allow me to have one central location for all of my tools, supplies and packaging materials. I'm so excited at the prospect of having my own space to create.

Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for women out there who may be considering starting their own business on Etsy?

If you love what you do, it'll be successful. Don't get down on yourself if your items don't sell right away, stay vigilant in listing new items or relisting old ones. Fine tune your techniques and create away! It won't always be easy, but if you keep striving to reach your goal it'll happen.

Tell us the best way to relax after a busy day of work..

Snuggled up on the couch, under a warm blanket with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book.

While growing up, who was your role model? Who impressed and inspired you most?

I'd have to say my mom. She is always so creative. The one thing I remember most is, growing up we didn't have a lot of money, and we moved to a new town where everyone wore the top of the line clothes. Fearful that I'd be made fun of, my mom went to some garage sales gathered some of those name brands, bought material, duplicated them and attached the tags to the new pieces of clothing. No one at school knew the difference! She never wanted us to go without, so she did what she had to do to make sure we didn't, even if it meant she went without. We got our drivers licenses at the same time, she even scored better than I did and 5 years ago she finally became an American citizen. She's an amazing woman, and the absolute definition of a mom. I love her so much and I will always be greatful for her.

Give us three (3) words that best describe YOU:


Give us one (1) word that best describes your business:


What is your favorite quote, line or saying?

I get knocked down, but I get up again, never gonna keep me down.
I can't even remember the name of the band that sings that, but I think the song is called Tubthumping..haha

Friday, March 27, 2009

Double Dipped.

Yay! It's Friday! Let's kick start the weekend with a look at some of the most delicious, double dipped caramel apples EVER! They are from Double Dipped Sweets and you'll be happy to know that most of the goodies at this shop are gluten-free.

This one is called Triple Indulgence Caramel Apple.

Just a few of the other mouth-watering caramel apple flavours available..

- Chocolate Drizzle Caramel Apple
- Pina Colada Caramel Apple
- Nutella Wanna-Be
- Almond Rocca Caramel Apple
- Deluxe Apple Pie Ala Mode
- Almond Joy Caramel Apple
- Rocky Road Caramel Apple
- Turtle Caramel Apple
- Peanut Butter and Chocolate
- Dark Chocolate Dream
- Smores Caramel Apple
- Macadamia Paradise
- Rice Krispy Treat
- Apple Pie
- Good Old Fashioned Caramel Apple

...and more!

Can we say Y-U-M-M-O!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Stylish Copywriter

Does your website look professional? Is it appealing to customers? Is the text complimentary? Are your product descriptions impressive? If not, then you need to check out the great giveaway that is going on right now over at She Takes On The World!

Amanda Aitken, the owner of The Stylish Copywriter is offering a full stylish copywriting package at no charge to the winner of the giveaway. Here's what the package will include:

- Copy for an email newsletter you want to send out to your customer base or a list of prospects

- Review of your site with recommendations for copy changes (including adjustments to calls to action to maximize conversions, making sure a consistent voice is maintained throughout your site, and advice on how to spice up the copy on your site to complement your branding and engage customers)

- Copy for five free product descriptions (you can see some examples on my Samples page:

- Development of a tagline for your boutique (the tagline would sum up what your business is all about in a memorable, catchy way)

Wow! This is just too good of an opportunity to pass up! Scoot on over to She Takes On The World for further details as to how you can enter to win this fabulous package.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Get 20% Off

Just want to let all of you Divas know that starting today (through Sunday) you can get 20% off your retail purchase at Things That Make Scents. Use code: SHS20 at check out!

They've got a fabulous array of aromatic soy candles, soy tea lights, soy votives, and soy tarts. This is THE place for soy-candle-lovers!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Quote For This Week...

"A man's got to do what a man's got to do. A woman must do what he can't." ~ Rhonda Hansome

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top 'O The Mornin' To Ye! (+ green finds)

Hey pretty lassies. Top o' the mornin' to ye! Today be St. Patrick's Day, did ye know? Aye, it be the day o' the wearin' o' the green. We are proudly 1/4 Irish (got the green eyes and reddish tones in our hair ta prove it) and we wouldn't mind dancin' a few jigs to celebrate, will ye join us? LOL. In keeping with the theme, here are a few gorgeous-in-green finds from Etsy...

$2.50 - Lemon Lime Bath Bomb from Flowering Tree Botanicals. If you love the smell of lemons and limes, then you'll adore this bath bomb. One half is lemon, one half is lime....ooh, a super-citrusy combo! For St. Patrick's Day (yes, today only), they are offering 25% off at their shop. Woot! Hurry over and join in the fun.

$10.00 - Key Lime Salt Foot Scrub from Blushie. The grains of sea salt and fractionated coconut oil make this a real treat for your tender tootsies. Scrub, exfoliate, and moisturize all at the same time. They describe the scent as "a little bit tart, a little bit sweet"....

$6.50 - Lime Green Sandal Soap from Karens Soaps. "Step into summer" with this cute and stylish soap! It is scented with fresh, invigorating Lime Essential Oil....aaah, how nice!

$16.00 - Granny Smith Acorn pendant from Risky Beads. It's made from "a 30mm x 40mm flat apple green howlite oval pendant, a tiger iron rounds and is hanging from 18" (46 cm) of apple green and wheat waxed cotton cord and brown organza ribbon". Beautiful!

Hope you will have a very Happy St. Patrick's Day...and...
May the luck o' the Irish be smilin' upon ye!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Update!

Happy Monday to all of you lovelies! Just want to let you know what's happening with us.

Our Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box campaign was a huge success. We completely sold out in less than a week!! Whew! Talk about a busy time for us. The last of the boxes will probably be mailed out tomorrow. (The lady at the Post Office must dread our regular visits with ALL of those boxes! LOL.)

Our May campaign is already shaping up to be an exciting one! We have a bunch of great companies already interested in participating and several shipments will be arriving next week. Yay! We can't wait to begin updating the "Peek Inside The Box" page again.

Also, we've got to apologize for not blogging as much. We do plan to spend more time on our blog over the coming weeks and will bring more interviews, giveaways, and fabulous finds your way.

Right now, we've got to get back to work. Talk later!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tarts, Tarts, Tarts.....

There's nothing better than buying a bunch of yummy-smelling, handmade tarts online, from the comfort of home. There's a multitude of candlemaking e-tailers out there and they all offer something special, something appealing, something absolutely irresistible. Most have very affordable prices, as well. That makes shopping for tarts online twice as much fun!

We are always drawn to shops that offer foodie fragrances, like these Blueberry Cheesecake Soy Tart Cake Bites from Cozy Shack They have a long lasting scent throw and you get a full dozen. Best of all, you only need to use one at a time.

These Lime Cooler Soy Tarts are made with natural soy wax and have a refreshingly-sweet fragrance. You will receive six of these 1 ounce tarts in a cello bag with a cute homespun tie.

Talk about mouth watering!! These Cinnamon Buns Soy Tarts look like they've come fresh from Grandma's oven. Look at that drizzled frosting. Mmm...

Check out Cozy Shack for more natural handmade soy candles, tarts and fixens "with a wee touch of primitive"!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Divalicious Sample Boxes On Sale Now!

Yay! The wait is over...
Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Boxes are on sale now!
Get your box for $25.00 (Canadian Dollars) - shipping and handling included!

Monday, March 9, 2009

On Sale Tomorrow - Divalicious Sample Boxes! (+ video)

Divalicious Sample Boxes go on sale bright and early tomorrow morning! Set your clocks for 8:00am EDT and we'll meet you there....March 10th, 2009!

We've been working practically non-stop trying to prepare for the big sale day tomorrow.... sorting out all of the samples, packing all of the boxes, adding new info to the website, promoting the event, and so on, and so on, and so on. After a verrrrrrrry busy weekend, we finally have everything ready and set to go. (Yay! There's less than 24 hours to wait now!) In the meantime, check out this little video we created just for fun. Turn up your computer speakers and click on the word "play".

The complete list of March Contributors...

Pamper Party Divas
Nurturing Beauty
Aquacate & Co.
The Soap Seduction
Bin Hog Designs
Mattie Reid Chicago
Joyful Girl Natural Products
Sweet And Tranquil
Sweet Delight Bath and Body Treats
Ocean Mist Cosmetics
Designs By Victoria

Have a magnificent Monday, Divas!
See you tomorrow!:)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fun and Fascinating ~ Friday Finds!

Oh, have we got something to show you! While on a quest to find unique, one-of-a-kind pendants and rings on Etsy, we came across this Island Pixie shop! Take a looksy at the deliciously-cute, handmade "dessert jewelry" that they sell...

Which one do you love the most?....Ice cream or cupcakes? Can't decide? Well, you can enjoy BOTH of them with this Watermelon Ice Cream Cupcake Pendant! What a pretty and colorful way to "celebrate your love of sweets"!

Yum! Yum! This pretty little darling looks almost good enough to eat with its fluffy vanilla frosting and candy sprinkles. The Crazy Confetti Cake Slice Pendant measures 3/4" inch in length...

Fresh from the oven, these mini Frosted Sprinkle Sugar Cookie Adjustable Rings will bring out the kid in you! You even get to choose which cookie you want...vanilla or strawberry. This is such a fun idea. We're loving it..

Hey, Divas! If you purchase jewelry from this shop and send in a photo of yourself wearing it, you will recieve FREE SHIPPING on your next order. Cool!

Have a fabulous, fun-filled Friday!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

FEATURED DIVA INTERVIEW ~ with Jessica from Tumbleweed Bead Co.

It's time to introduce you to our newest Featured Diva....
Jessica from Tumbleweed Bead Co.

Tell us a little about yourself:

I live in Central Oregon with my husband and 2 dogs. I have a studio space in my home that looks out at the forest.

Give us a description of your business and the items that you offer:

I love to make feminine handcrafted jewelry that you will want to wear every day. I think my jewelry helps woman feel like themselves just a little prettier.

What are your bestsellers? Your specialty? Most popular items?

Bestsellers are definitely my hoops. Woman tell me they wear them every single day and always come back for another shape or size. My Promise Rings have been a real pleasure to make. Woman email me with stories of the promises they made themselves or how they arrived just in time to fix a bad day. My Thin Gold Hammered Bangles are also getting popular. Woman are stacking them up on there wrists by the dozen, I love that.

Are your items targeted toward a specific age group?

I would say woman 23-60 years old enjoy my jewelry. Especially woman in their 30's and 40's.

What inspired you to start your own indie business?

I was tired of waiting tables!! I had always made jewelry for friends or for weddings. I just decided to see if I could turn it into a business. I waited tables and made jewelry for about 3 years and then was able to switch to just jewelry in the third year of business.

As an independent business woman, what keeps you motivated?

Thinking about going back work:) I also want to have a family and would like it if Tumbleweed could support us. I want to be able to live in Mexico half the year and I could do that with my business. Also fashion and trends really inspire me. Fall fashion especially.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement thus far?

Being able to support myself through Etsy, my website and my wholesale accounts.

What has been your biggest challenge as a business woman?

Weathering the ups and downs. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think how very fortunate I am to be doing this. There isn't a week that goes by that I don't think about quitting.

What do you believe makes a business successful?

Hard work! I work every single day. I pride myself on customer service and quick shipping. I make a quality product that people want.

Do you have any specific goals/plans for the future?

I want to continue growing my Etsy and wholesale business. I would like to get representation around the country. I want to expand even more into the global market.

Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for women out there who may be considering starting their own business on Etsy?

Go for it!! Etsy is the best way to get a small craft business off the ground. You have to be very diligent, list new items often to keep a good presence. Treat your customers like gold!

Tell us the best way to relax after a busy day of work..

I take a walk with my dogs in the forest. If it is too late for that I like to sit in the hot tub with a glass of wine and my husband.

While growing up, who was your role model? Who impressed and inspired you most?

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and that was always inspiring. My Grandma was always creating and she was the first person I ever made jewelry with.

Give us three words that best describe YOU:

Determined, Genuine, Fun

Give us one word that best describes your business:


What is your favorite quote, line or saying?

My heart is full.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Got Attitude? Feeling Moody?

This Read Her Lips - Moody Lip Balm from Favors R Us is perfect for that ultra-glam birthday party or girls night that's coming up. Your tweens and teens will love it!! Made with 100% all natural, double butter, these lip balms come in flavors like Sugary (vanilla), Tart (lemon), Tropical (banana), or Plain to fit every mood.

Mmmmm...what a treat for that sweet and sassy, spoiled rotten, moody girl in your life!

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