Monday, March 9, 2009

On Sale Tomorrow - Divalicious Sample Boxes! (+ video)

Divalicious Sample Boxes go on sale bright and early tomorrow morning! Set your clocks for 8:00am EDT and we'll meet you there....March 10th, 2009!

We've been working practically non-stop trying to prepare for the big sale day tomorrow.... sorting out all of the samples, packing all of the boxes, adding new info to the website, promoting the event, and so on, and so on, and so on. After a verrrrrrrry busy weekend, we finally have everything ready and set to go. (Yay! There's less than 24 hours to wait now!) In the meantime, check out this little video we created just for fun. Turn up your computer speakers and click on the word "play".

The complete list of March Contributors...

Pamper Party Divas
Nurturing Beauty
Aquacate & Co.
The Soap Seduction
Bin Hog Designs
Mattie Reid Chicago
Joyful Girl Natural Products
Sweet And Tranquil
Sweet Delight Bath and Body Treats
Ocean Mist Cosmetics
Designs By Victoria

Have a magnificent Monday, Divas!
See you tomorrow!:)

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