Friday, January 30, 2009

And The Winner Is.....

Hooray! Hooray!
It's time to announce the winner of the Sassy Hand Stamped Custom Necklace giveaway ~ sponsored by The Dazzling Diva. Yay!

After randomly drawing a name, it is time for us to announce the winner. This is very exciting. Are you ready?

*Drumroll please*....and the winner is....
Sandie ~ (Zaftig Delights)!!!

Let's give her a round of applause.

Congratulations, Sandie. You have just won the Sassy Hand Stamped Custom Necklace. Please contact us at to claim your prize. We will send your name, email, and mailing address to Lupe at The Dazzling Diva. She will then be able to customize the necklace to your liking. Thank you so much for participating and have a "Divalicious" day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Be My Valentine"......soap!

Oh-la-la....we love this Be My Valentine Soap by Bubble Tub! It comes in a light baby powder scent with a delicious-looking whipped soap topping. What a treat for only $5!

Check out the Bubble Tub shop for more scrub-a-dub fun!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Divalicious Contributor: Designs By Victoria

A package was delivered to our office on Friday. It was from Designs By Victoria - filled with a beautiful array of dazzling treasures! Oh, you should see all of the elegant jewelry she has contributed for our March promotional campaign over at Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Boxes. We are totally smitten!

Earring pairs (on sterling silver earwires), beautiful Bracelets, and Drop Pendant Chokers (on 18” sterling silver chains) will be distributed among the boxes. These pieces are made with materials such as: opalized glass, quartz crystal, burnt serpentine, malachite, pearls, amber glass, smokey quartz, moss agate, red agate, fluorite, Czech glass, and antique glass pearls. Simply breathtaking!

PLUS: Designs By Victoria has sent along gift certificates (worth $25.00) to be given to THREE lucky sample box recipients. These gift certificates can be redeemed at Victoria's Etsy shop.

A few examples of Victoria's designs...

Be sure to bookmark the Designs By Victoria shop over at Etsy - where you'll find "wire wrapped jewelry and other artful creations".

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Sugar Affair......

Think delectable. Think delicious. Think dreamy. Think drool-worthy. This place has it all. A Sugar Affair offers treats and sweets that will keep you coming back for more! Take a peek at a few of their popular treats...

Brownie Bites

Chocolate Covered Oreos

Mmmm....visit A Sugar Affair for a heapin' helpin' of sugary-sweetness.

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Tea Party Time!

These chocolate/strawberry swirl Tea Party Play Cakes by Palm Tree Princess are just too cute to resist. They are made with recycled felt but look so realistic! Check out the pretty frosting, sprinkles, and little cherries on top. Oh, yummo...

For $16, get a set of four in a pretty box....or take it a step further and ask for a dozen. This play food would make the perfect gift for that "little princess" in your life. Hey, they'd make great party favors too.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kreations By Kathie

Have you heard about Kreations By Kathie? We discovered this site a few weeks ago and simply must tell you about it.

It is an online boutique that offers "hand poured tarts, candles, clamshells, and sachet air fresheners in over 70 highly aromatic scents". Yes, 70 scents to choose from! We are especially excited about the "After Dinner Buttermint", "Chewy Oatmeal Cookie", "Carmel Cinnamon Latte", and "Black Raspberry Vanilla" scents that are available. Mmmm....there is nothing better than the smell of a deliciously-scented candle or tart wafting through the house.

We definitely urge you to scoot on over to Kreations By Kathie. The prices are excellent and you'll be sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

Hey, Divas....if you sign up for their newsletter, you'll be entered into a monthly drawing for a $20 gift certificate. How fabulous!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Dazzling Diva......(GIVEAWAY)

Hey, Divas! Raise your hand if you looooove jewelry!
Want to win a Sassy Hand Stamped Custom Necklace?

The Dazzling Diva, has offered to sponsor our first giveaway of 2009 here on DDIB. Yay! They have donated this beautiful 3/4" Sassy Hand Stamped Custom Necklace, which includes a 16" Sterling Silver Box Chain. The winner will get to personalize it with up to three names and a design stamp of their choice.


Here's how you can win...

To enter, you must visit The Dazzling Diva, then come back here and tell us what item on that website is your favorite. This is worth 1 entry.

*For additional entries, you can....

  • Post about this contest on your blog or on Twitter. (be sure to let us know about it by leaving a comment)
  • Follow us on Twitter or let us know that you are already a follower.
  • Follow our blog or let us know that you are already a follower.

(each additional comment you leave, containing this info, will count as an extra entry for you)


The contest ends on Thursday January 29, 2009 at 11:00pm.
The winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Friday January 30, 2009.

If you see your name announced here as the winner, please contact us to claim your prize. We will send your name, email, and mailing address to Lupe at The Dazzling Diva and she will mail the prize directly to you.

The Dazzling Diva has also provided a coupon code for our readers to get $10 off the purchase of any necklace. How fabulous! Use COUPON CODE: KISSKISS

Now, let the comments/entries begin...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Featured Diva Interview - with Amber Maida!

*Note From DDIB: - It was such a pleasure to interview this artistic "Diva". Hope you will enjoy learning more about Amber and her paintings..


Name: Amber Maida
Shop: ambermaida
Shop url:

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am a visual and performing artist who loves to paint and dance to some rockin David Bowie music!!! My paintings are exhibited and collected internationally and I am an award winning choreographer. I prefer painting at 6am to get my thoughts and dreams out first thing, my visions flow with ease during these sessions. From time to time I have live "Paint to the Music" performances which fuse my love of music, dance and paint!

Give us a description of your business and the items that you offer:

I feature small original fantasy/surreal paintings on canvas wood and paper, archival giclee prints and accept commission requests for larger paintings.

What are your bestsellers? Your specialty? Most popular items?

Original paintings are my best sellers! This month the flowerz series is the most popular, but it changes all the time!

Are your items targeted toward a specific age group?

I have collectors of all ages... from 14 years old up to 70's+!!! One of my favorite sales was made to a young 14 year old girl saved up enough money to purchase one of my original framed paintings and asked to meet me in person! She saved and saved for months, what a sweetie!!!

What inspired you to start your own indie business?

My desire to share my art on a grand scale, Etsy seemed perfect right from the start!

As an independent business woman, what keeps you motivated?

Painting daily, spending time with my wonderful supportive husband, meeting my collectors and that excitement of discovering something special and new within each painting.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement thus far?

My greatest acheivement is the optimistic, positive, driven mindset that i have, it has helped me reach every goal i've set thus far!

What has been your biggest challenge as a business woman?

Keeping up with life, my home, slowing down... I just want to paint all day! It's a challenge to fit in the normal day-to-day things like cleaning. Luckily my hasband knows how to roll up his sleeves!

What do you believe makes a business successful?

The business owner- without a tremendous amount of energy to share and give back to the world, create new work, promote, etc. no one would see it!

Do you have any specific goals/plans for the future?

Yes! My goal is to attend the NYC Art Expo in 2009! Also to travel to the UK to see my art on exhibit at one of the galleries I exhibit at.

Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for women out there who may be considering starting their own business on Etsy?

Yes, just do it- JUMP! If you have the right mind set that you can do anything, YOU WILL!!!!!

Tell us the best way to relax after a busy day of work..

Putting on some great music, i reccomend David Bowie, Sting or Seal, light some gorgeous smelling candles (I love lavender!), make a delicious cup of tea, coffee, wine (Or my new favorite of fall: Hot cocoa with homemade marshmellows!), draw a bath... do a bit of yoga or meditation while the water is filling up, then take a nice relaxing soak while envisioning all of the great dreams and goals happening. If i'm in NYC, it would be walking aimlessly taking it all in, visiting a museum or gallery, a bit of shopping (of course!)then off to Teany- my favorite tea shop in Manhattan for some afternoon tea with my hubby and friends!

While growing up, who was your role model? Who impressed and inspired you most?

I had many, mainly my mother and grandmother- they molded me into the woman i am today- loving, thoughtful, honest and determined!

Give us three words that best describe YOU:


Give us one word that best describes your business:


What is your favorite quote, line or saying?

My lively side would say: "I'm an instant Rockstar, just add water and stir" -David Bowie

My determination: "Do today what others won't so that tomorrow you will do what other's can't" -Unknown

My favorite definition: Desire has a great derivation, De Sidere- meaning literally "From the Stars".

Monday, January 12, 2009

we *heart* this.....

....Slanted Heart Pencil Pendant for $38 by jenmaestre

This is one of the most beautiful, unique, and fun pieces that we've seen in a long time. Take a close look at the picture....

Yes, it is actually made with laminated pencils!!!! How aaaaamazing.

The pendant has a protective and very shiny coat of epoxy and such a pretty mixture of colors. Cherry reds, pinks, and even a hint of fuschia. We're thinking that this would make the PERFECT Valentine's Day gift - for mom, sis, auntie, or girlfriend.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bubblegum Yumminess......Friday Finds!

Fond memories of childhood return to us whenever we catch a whiff of yummy bubblegum. We can remember the fun of chewing, chomping, and blowing outrageously, ginormously, huge bubbles....and then waiting for them to burst. Oh, such fun! (The "not so fun" part was when we tried to get that sticky stuff off of our faces and out of our hair. Ouch!)

Needless to say, we still get cravings for a big wad of juicy bubblegum every now and then. Mmmm! You can never be too old to loooooove it.

That's why we are so excited to show you these amazingly-fun, bubblegum themed, must-haves....all from Etsy! We are totally smitten. Take a looksy....

Cotton Candy Bubblegum Shimmering Whipped Body Frosting from Pink Bow Bath Boutique....

Bubblegum Dream lil Hoot by Manic Muffin Totes

Pink Bubblegum Earrings by ther2dewi

Pink Cotton Candy Bubblegum Beautiful Body Butter by Cozy Moments

Find more bubblegum favorites (from Etsians) - in our left sidebar.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Boxes - New Site Launch

Back in October 2008, we posted a message here about a "secret project" that would be revealed. We said, "We have been busy (for months) working on something super-special to make our online community even better. Only a few of our diva members know what it is (because they were the ones who requested it - lol). As for the rest of you, we can't spill the beans yet or even give away a few tiny hints. Sorry. But, we WILL tell you that it is something that all of you divas will absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

We are very excited about this and are working verrrrrrry hard to have everything ready by early 2009 - when we make our "big announcement". Until then, our lips (and the lips of our diva members) are sealed. This project is top secret."

Well, the time has come for us to share the news (that we've been keeping secret for almost a year). We are proud to announce the launch of our new sister site, Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Boxes.

This site offers a unique avenue of advertising for independent business owners, in Canada and the USA, and promises to be one of the most fun and effective bi-monthly promotional campaigns on the web today. Best of all, it is free for e-tailers to participate. All you have to do is send in your samples and let us (the Delightful Divas) take care of the rest. These boxes are filled with approx. 10-15 (sometimes more) sample-sized products and will be mailed directly to the front door of hundreds of consumers, who otherwise would never have known about your business. We know the importance of good promotion and advertising and that is why we are committed to helping other entrepreneurs build their businesses, reach their goals, and get the recognition that they deserve. At Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Boxes, we cater to a targeted audience and put your products into the right hands. This helps to drive more traffic and potential sales to your site.

Are you a trendy gal who loves to try before you buy? If so, then this box is definitely for you. You'll be able to sample unique handcrafted items, from a variety of contributing online businesses, before committing to the full sizes. How great is that! You'll receive sample-sized bath and body products, candles, jewelry, fashion accessories, and more. If it's glam, girly, and'll be be found in the Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box. Take one peek inside and you'll know why we call it “Divalicious”.

Join us for our debut in March '09! There are lots of companies already signed-up to participate in the first-ever Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box.....and yes, boxes will be going fast! Promote independent businesses and be a part of the ever-growing “Diva-Movement” by purchasing a box or by being a contributor. Don't forget that when you buy a box, your name will be entered into a draw to win a sample box from the next campaign. Woot!

This grand opening event is going to be huge! So, don't miss out. For more information, please visit our new sister site or stay tuned to our blog, Delightful Divas In Business, for continued updates.

Divas *heart* handmade!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We're Baaaaaaaaack!

After taking several weeks off for holiday entertaining, crafting, get-togethers, cooking, and's time to get back to "normal" again. Yes, we're baaaaaaack!

You won't believe how incredibly happy we are to be sitting at our desks, catching up on tons of emails and working on new posts for our blog. It really feels good to be here, doing what we love. Best of all, we're here with all of our Divas again. Missed you so much. (Sheesh! What would we ever do without our computers?)

Anywhooo....this new year, 2009, promises to be an exciting one for DDIB. You're sure to love the new Featured Diva interviews, quotes, tidbits of info, polls, giveaways, product reviews, and press releases that we'll be sharing over the next 12 months. Be a part of our ever-growing "Diva Movement". Let us help inspire you. Let us put your business in the spotlight.

On a final note, we'd just like to say that we *heart* all of our Diva followers/members. Thank you for making 2008 such a great year. Here's hoping for an even greater 2009!

Kiss Kiss and Happy New Year to you, Divas.

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