Monday, November 10, 2008

Bring. On. The. Coffee.

Good morning, divas! It's Monday. Another busy work week begins. Time to dive into that endless pile of work on our desk and tackle that out of control to-do list. Woot!

How does a diva get the energy? The motivation? The will-power?
Well, for starters...bring. on. the. coffee. That always helps.(lol)

Speaking of coffee, you've got to check out these signs that we found at Country Workshop. First of all, take a gander at this 6"x12" sign that says, "If I'm not here...I'm at Starbucks!" A sure hit with coffee-lovers! Hang it in the kitchen or office. Show the world just how addicted you really are for only $9.99.:-) A great conversation piece.

And you've gotta love this primitive sign that says, "Anything's possible...with enough coffee!" Oh, yes! Great sentiment for those of us who tend to act a bit sluggish in the morning before we get our caffeine fix.(lol) It measures 6"x14" and is sold for $11.95 at Country Workshop. Christmas is coming and these signs would make great gifts for anyone who enjoys a little coffee humor.:-)

Got to go pour another cup of coffee now. Need a re-fill. See ya...

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