Monday, May 24, 2010

Candle Kitty

Find jar candles, tealights, tarts, and votives at Candle Kitty. Their long-burning, highly scented, handmade candles are available in some of the most appealing scents. Sugar Cookie, Cinnamon French Toast, Cafe Mocha, Coconut Cream, and more!

While browsing through this exciting new shop, we took a particular interest in their 4-pack of Juicy Peach Soy-Blend Votives for $6.45. Mmmm...they say that these votives smell like the Yankee type. Sounds good. Also, each votive burns for 16-18 hours. Sounds good too.

Check them out...
4-pk Juicy Peach Soy-Blend Votives

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