Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back To Blogging....Soon

Hey Divas, long time, no see! We've been crazy busy around here over the past couple of weeks. With the May Divalicious Sample Box campaign on the go, we've been working from sun-up til sun-down everyday trying to have everything ready for the big day. We are very happy to announce that boxes went on sale yesterday at 8:00am ET and were sold out in just over 6 hours. How great is that! Congrats to all of the lucky ones who were able to snag a box and a big round of applause and thank-you to all of our fabulous May 2010 contributors. Don't miss out on the annual "Sizzling Summer Sample Box Sale" coming up in July!

Any spare moments (which have been few and far have been spent working on a new "secret project". This project has been in the planning for over two years and has been under construction for over a year. We are very excited to be wrapping things up now and will announce what this "secret project" is soon.

Still lots of work to be done in so many areas...but the good news is that we will be getting back to blogging...soon.

1 comment:

Katie Jeans Jewelry said...

This is the second time I have heard about this sample box. Someone came up with such a great idea. I'm going to give samples and purchase a box or two.


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