Friday, February 27, 2009

Bijouxbead's New Look!

Have you checked out the Bijouxbead Etsy shop lately? Darlene Martin, the designer, has made some big changes over there and it now looks better than ever. To showcase her "wearable art", she has added a bunch of eye-catching new photos that seem to capture the full beauty and intricate details of her work...

~ The Artist's Brush ~

~ Beaches Jazz Festival ~

Oh, and we must tell you and that within a few hours of making the revamp, one of her pieces was chosen for the Etsy "Luxury" gift guide. How great is that!! Plus...within 24 hours, the views on 10 of her new listings equaled over 900 total views.

Be sure to check out the latest work from Darlene's Bijouxbead necklace collection. It is available exclusively at Etsy!

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