Monday, December 1, 2008

On This Cyber Monday....Shop Indie!

The crowds. The pushing. The shoving. The stampedes. The rage. The injuries. Ugh! Black Friday. It just doesn't make any sense.

After listening to some of the Black Friday horror stories on the radio and watching the coverage on practically every news channel, we were left shaking our heads. Why would anyone want to risk their life just to save a few dollars? Why would anyone want to be a part of this FRENZY year after year?

As you can probably tell, we want no part of it. The same goes for "last minute" Christmas shopping. We prefer to shop early (like September and October) to avoid the hustle and bustle of the season. The department stores are practically empty during the autumn months. That means that there is waaaaay less stress involved. This makes for a more pleasant, satisfying, smooth, (and yes, much safer) shopping experience. For smaller items, such as stocking stuffers and novelties, we like to wait until Cyber Monday. We purchase from a variety of independent businesses on the web and take advantage of any SUPER sales and discounts along the way. The searching, the finding.....oh, it's great fun!

On this Cyber Monday, we would like to share a little advice: Shop Online....Shop Indie! Need we say more? It is soooo worth it. There are gazillions of independent businesses on the web, offering fabulous items. Soaps, candles, jewelry, handbags, name it, they've got it! Best of all, you can be sure that every item is handcrafted with plenty of TLC. Look around the web. You'll be surprised at how much you can get for your money. Show small business owners some love on this Cyber Monday and all during the Christmas season. Shop indie and support "Delightful Divas In Business"!

Happy December, happy Cyber Monday, and happy shopping! (p.s...We'd love to see some of your online "indie" finds for Christmas. Feel free to share them with us...)

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