Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tah Da!

We needed to give our blog banner and buttons a bit of a makeover. We wanted to create a look and color theme that would fit better with our "DIVA" movement. More pink (Diva's love pink), a hint of blue, and a little sprinkle of black here and there.

Well......tah da! Check out the new colors/look. It's not a "major" change but it is enough to make our blog a bit more pleasing to the eye and more "Diva-Ish" (our favorite

While you're here, be sure to grab our new "DIVA" button to place on your own blog or website. You can find our button further below, in the left sidebar. Help spread the word about DDIB. We'd love ya for it.:) Plus, in return we'd be glad to place a text link to your site here on our blog.

Check ya later!

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