Monday, August 30, 2010

Chocolate Truffle Dessert Soap....Raspberries & Creme Dessert Soap....Mmmm!

These delicious-looking dessert soaps are made with goats milk and are topped off with raw sugar scrub or natural sea salt scrub for a bit of exfoliating. They also smell amazing, give a rich lather, and make your skin feel soft and moisturized. What a luxury! Who could ask for more?

You can purchase this Chocolate Truffle Dessert Goat's Milk Soap Bar (w/ raw sugar scrub on top) or this Raspberries and Creme Dessert Goat's Milk Soap Bar (w/ natural sea salt scrub on top) over at Aerie Mountain Soaps for $5.00 each. A great gift for yourself or someone you love.



What a great gift these would these be?

Kia - Beacon Creations said...

YUM, they look delicious... and very edible!! I would say they are definitely deserving of a DO NOT EAT sign, lol.


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