Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prince Edward Island, Regis & Kelly, and some Photo Prints from etsy!

Prince Edward Island is our #1 favorite vacation spot here in Canada. The red sand, the rolling hills, the seafood, the green pastures, the beaches, the museums, the amusement parks...it can't be beat. Everything about this island is absolutely magical and people are so friendly and welcoming. We, here in Atlantic Canada, were delighted to hear the news that Regis Philbin & Kelly Ripa were taking their show ("Live with Regis and Kelly") to Prince Edward Island this summer. Their visit has been HUGE for Canadian fans of the show and is surely going to boost tourism for the island. As a matter of fact, we heard that over the past few days "Google" has had an increase in searches for "Prince Edward Island"...so much so that it is now the 2nd most searched topic in America!!! Yay for PEI. Regis also mentioned this on the show this morning.

By the way, if you haven't seen any of the "Live with Regis and Kelly" broadcasts from the island yet, be sure to tune in on Wednesday and Thursday of this week for the last two shows from PEI. Today's show was just fantastic!

And...with Prince Edward Island still on our minds...we'd like you to check out these gorgeous Prince Edward Island photo prints that we found over at etsy...

Victoria's Boat Photo Print by Lyndsay Doyle
(This photo is from Victoria-By-The-Sea - one of the loveliest places)

Confederation Bridge Photo Print by Lyndsay Doyle
(The long, 12-mile-long bridge that connects New Brunswick to PEI)

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