Friday, April 23, 2010

Hip-Hip-Hooray.....For Hurraw!

If you’ve been looking for a natural, organic, vegan lip balm that tastes fabulous, then you will love Hurraw! Their fun and exciting lip balms come in a convenient oval shaped tube, making them easier to slip into your pocket....and they leave your lips smooth, conditioned and kissably soft. They come in 12 mouthwatering flavors (lime, lemon, root beer, coconut, cinnamon, vanilla bean, grapefruit, orange, mint, almond, licorice and chocolate). Mmmmm….yummo! The cinnamon and grapefruit balms are tinted to add a hint of color while you soften your lips.

We have tried their lip balms for ourselves and we can tell you (from personal experience) that they are the greatest!! So, lip-balm-lovers….you’ll definitely want to check out their fantastic Hurraw! website and pick up a few lip balms for yourself and for your friends.

Psst....we are pleased to announce that Hurraw! balms will be inside the May Divalicious Sample Boxes!

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