Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bird On The Vine {mini notebooks}

We have at least 3 or 4 notebooks near the computer, near the phone, and scattered here and there throughout the all times. A girl just can't have enough of them! We prefer notepads and notebooks with bright, pretty, pick-me-up colors and designs. Something that really draws the eye and can be found easily when you're in a hurry to scribble something down.

Just this morning, we found this gorgeous $6 set of 3 Bird on the Vine (mini notebooks) from Shalom's Cottage Home on Etsy. Look at the juicy lime, grape, and tangerine!

These stylish little notebooks are very pretty to look at...and are extremely handy too! Fact is, they are an essential part of every home office and every purse.


Will Wieber said...

You have a great eye for beautiful things.

Venezie Bags said...

I have 4 of Shalom's prints in my sewing studio. Great burst of color and a pleasure to work with!


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