Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Promote your business. Promote your blog. [DDIB FORUM]

As things have been rather quiet at the DDIB Forum lately, we've decided to make a few changes. The forum has now been made "public". That means that guests will be able to come and go as they please, read the messages, and get to know the community a little better before joining. However, you still do have to register before posting there. We have also added two new boards for promoting yourself. One is called "Tweet Tweet" - where you can post your Twitter address and learn how you can follow other members. The other new board is called "Bloggers" - where you can post a link to your blog and talk about blogging in general.

We invite you to promote your business, post links to your shop, post links to your blog, post your Twitter address, share sales and discounts, ask questions, share tips and advice, network with other business women, and more! (btw...we need to see more Etsy and Artfire shops listed there, so come on over and promote yourself!)

As entrepreneurs, we know that every little bit of promotion helps. That's why we welcome you to take advantage of this opportunity and ask that you help us keep the DDIB Forum alive and kicking, fresh and exciting!

Come on over and help us keep growing!

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